Echolalia Therapy: Enhancing Language Development

Echolalia, defined as the immediate or delayed repetition of language (/ˌɛkəʊˈleɪlɪə/), serves various communicative functions supported by scientific research. Curious to learn more Echolalia Support Therapy? Book a session with us!

Notice Signs of Delayed Echolalia

Starwalkers uses Natural Language Acquisition in GLP Framework in a wide variety of languages

We use a strength-based approach 
We apply the Natural Language Acquisition Method to help your child move from Echolalia to self-generated grammar
Our therapy approach is family-centered & child-led
We focus on human connection over compliance
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How It Works


Identification & Evaluation

Our expert will guide you through personalized program selection, tailored to your child's needs. With our Gestalt Language Processing Support or Natural Language Acquisition framework Support, you're in capable hands every step of the way.


Therapy Sessions Using Natural Language Acquisition Method​

Discover the ideal package with the assistance of our comprehensive guide, tailored to your unique requirements and goals.


Collaborative Work

To ensure a comprehensive Gestalt language Approach, we will connect you with your child's dedicated therapist, initiating productive and supportive sessions that promote progress and growth.


Family Coaching To Support The Development Of Self-Generated Language​

Our therapist will collaborate with and guide other professionals involved in your child's care, ensuring a holistic and effective approach.

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