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We are committed to doing a great job and finding new ways to help kids who might learn and communicate in different ways. This includes kids who are Autistic, those who process language “differently,” such as Gestalt language processors, and kids with sensory processing difficulties.

We think that everyone is unique and important, and we help them in a way that makes them feel confident about who they are. Our way of helping is known as Neurodiversity Affirming Therapy, which means we understand and celebrate that everyone’s brain works differently.

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Autism Support Therapy for Childrens

What Makes Us Unique​

At Starwalkers, we utilize evidence-based, strength-based, child-led & family-centered approach


Our licensed Therapists are specialized & trained to work with children with different needs


We are always ready to collaborate with other professionals involved with the child while educating parents


We believe every child has the potential to learn, thrive and achieve their goals with the right guidance and professional help

We are the first Neurodiversity Affirming Practice Clinic in India


We value parents’ trust and pledge to deliver top-notch services for most effective results

Values We Live By​


Compassion is paramount for us while dealing with children and their families. We approach each child and family with kindness and understanding, creating a safe and supportive space where they can feel valued and heard.


Passion for results

Our goal is progress. Every child is born with unique strengths despite of their differences. We identify those strengths and provide the best learning support for each child for progress.


Constantly improving

We are committed to ongoing education for ourselves and sharing knowledge with others. By staying informed and learning, we ensure that we provide the best possible support to children and their families.


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Our Online Autism Therapy Services

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➜ Stuttering
➜ Language Processing
➜ Oral Motor Skills Intervention
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How Autism Affirming Therapy Works​


Personalized Approach

We provide autism-affirming therapy that is personalized to each individual based on their strengths, interests, and challenges.


Strengths-Based Focus

We build upon the fundamental strengths of neurodiverse individuals, encouraging their talents to enhance self-esteem and independence.


Skill Development

Our therapists work collaboratively to develop essential life skills, communication strategies, and self-advocacy skills, fostering greater confidence in daily life.


Positive Environment

We value emotional & sensory regulation over compliance. We create a supportive and non-judgmental environment where individuals feel empowered to express themselves authentically.

At Starwalkers Clinic, our autism affirming therapy is a transformative experience, which embraces the uniqueness of each individual on the autism spectrum.

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