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Welcome to Autism training program! We are a Neurodiversity Affirming Practice that aims to make a better future for Autistic kids.





October 2022






Autistic Kids' Parents Are Constantly Thinking...

“I feel helpless for my Autistic kid and for myself. I wish I knew the ways to help him as a parent”

“How do I make others understand about my child’s problem when I fail to understand him in the first place”

“I have been taking all types of therapies for my Autistic kid but I feel like something is missing. Something does not feel right about the intervention”

“Will my child ever be independent and have a successful future?”

Are you in the same boat? Do you have these constant thoughts that do not leave your mind?



As per the research, it has been proven that Parents of Autistic children score higher on levels of stress than other groups of parents



The daily challenges are endless from taking care of the child to making everyone understand what your child is going through.. It is definitely HARD!



You feel heartbroken and confused not knowing what your child’s future hold..


The competition and race in this world makes it even worse to imagine.

Keeping all these struggles in mind, we have gathered all the scientific based evidences, resources and the right approach for your child's success!

Introducing the Autism Training Program

Autism Training is a group Training Program which aims on educating parent(s)/caregiver(s) about Autism and the right approach for an Autistic child


There are so many myths and wrong information online and in the society that discourages parents to move forward which is why we are here to bring in the difference!


Autism Training Program will provide you with all the right information that internet and other standardised tests fail to address


Our Neurodiversity Affirming Practice team will change your entire perspective for your Autistic child with this program!

We Believe Every Child Is An Individual With Unique Strengths And Abilities That Makes Them Who They Are!​

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This will tell you everything that Google searches and other standardized tests fail to, starting all the way from the introduction to Autism, and a deep understanding of the differences, the role of parents & professionals in the intervention program, and much more!


Achieve your goals! Avoid common mistakes, get proper, professional, compassionate guidance. Figure out what is missing and find out the type of support your child requires


Understand Neurodiversity Affirming Practice, strength-based approach, and support systems for the progress


Erase the communication gap. Understand the communication differences, ways to aid language, factors affecting communication, delayed echolalia, ways to provide language, and more!

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